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Guildford Consulting

Guildford Consulting is a proudly South Australian owned Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Consultancy which supports businesses of all sizes to comply with their WHS legislative duties and training. Our vision is to partner with businesses to ensure they have a safe workplace. Guildford Consulting are based in the Barossa Valley and are experienced in WHS across a number of industries, including Mining, Construction, Wineries, Aged Care Facilities and Schools. 

Emergency Management Plans

The team at Guildford Consulting specialise in Emergency Management Plans.

Mark Guildford, Director and Principal Consultant is a current and active firefighter of 20 years in South Australia. He has a very high level of expertise in regards to fire management, emergency evacuation, emergency management plans and safety training. 

Easily implemented policies & procedures

Guildford Consulting primarily work with small (10+ employees) and medium size businesses (200+ employees) across South Australia.

They pride themselves on a practical pragmatic approach to WHS in workplaces. Their passion is to provide WHS policies and procedures that make sense and can be easily implemented and adhered to.

Workplace Safety

fire triangle

Guildford Consulting are not interested in what can be termed a WHS ‘tick box’ regime. Instead, they are focused on robust WHS measures that comply with WHS legislation, so that the risk of accidents and emergencies occurring in the workplace are minimised and eliminated.

Measures such as how to evacuate people in a safe and expedient manner so that they get to the muster point or how to contain a hazard, for example, a chemical spill, so that it does not cause wide spread damage in the workplace or to neighbouring properties.

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Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy

We are a boutique consultancy that offers a personable down to earth service, tailored to suit the Workplace, Health and Safety needs of your business and your staff.

Our core focus is always YOUR SAFETY IS OUR VISION

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