Guildford Consulting can assist a business in the construction and implementation of policies and procedures relating to anything emergency or WHS.  Their aim is to provide tailored WHS Policies and Procedures that make sense and can be easily implemented and adhered to by all the staff in the workplace or organisation.

For example, are your staff trained when it comes to working at heights or in confined spaces, are the control measures in place for such situations practicable? Time and time again, Guildford Consulting has seen where a procedure has been written the wrong way in a manual and when carried out, it became not practical to undertake the task safely.

The situation can often arise where there has been a lack of consultation between Management and employees – those on the factory floor, who are often keenly aware of small hazards that can lead to bigger hazards, have not been asked their opinion on this or what processes or procedures they deem appropriate.

The purpose of comprehensive Emergency and WHS Policies and Procedures are so that all employees and Management are aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities under WHS legislation.  Robust Policies and Procedures ensure that correct work practices are documented and that those work practices are adhered to and conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

Safe Operating Procedures

As part of their service, Guildford Consulting can assist a business to create Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) for a range of specific tasks, customised to the business needs. Information can be given on how to safely perform a task, for example, confined space entry precautions, or for mining and pit conditions.

The process Guildford Consulting use to construct and implement Emergency and WHS Procedures and Policies is to consult with all levels of the workplace or organisation – from Management and the Health and Safety Committee (where there is one) through to employees, to ascertain workplace needs. This consultation phase will also involve identifying further areas of risk and the appropriate levels of controls that need to be documented to minimise these risks.

Workplace Health and Safety is not a once-off in a workplace. This means even after there has been a comprehensive review, analysis and update of Policies and Procedures there needs to a process which allows for continuous improvement.

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