It is important that workplaces have and use correct evacuation diagrams.  Guildford Consulting are able to provide training on how to do this and also provide feedback to a workplace on the usefulness and compliance to WHS legislation of their existing Emergency Evacuation Diagram/s.

Case Studies

Chocolate Factory

A course was held onsite at the Chocolate Factory for some of the staff on the use of Fire Extinguishers.  On entering the room where the training was to be held, Guildford Consulting’s Trainer checked the Emergency Evacuation diagram. The diagram was pinned on the wall upside down and it was in fact of the wrong floor. The diagram was about the floor below and not the floor where the training room as located on.

The application of WHS in a workplace must be more than just a ’tick and flick’ regime.

A workplace needs to conduct regular internal safety audits which should be no more than an hour, or if it is going to be longer than this, then break the audit down into 2 or 3 parts.  If an audit is over an hour, often things can start to be missed as attention to detail can unintentionally slacken. This particular issue of the diagram being on the wrong floor should have been picked up in the factory’s internal audit process. 

Country Retail Store

Guildford Consulting attended a country Retail Store to complete a Workplace Inspection.  They found a hand-drawn evacuation diagram. The legend on the diagram was facing in the wrong direction and the diagram did not show the assembly area.  Such a diagram does not meet AS3745:2010 Australian WHS standards.

An Evacuation Diagram cannot be hand-drawn and there are number of components it must have. This retail store was failing its obligations under WHS legislation.  The diagram should have shown at the very minimum the assembly area for not only the staff, but for customers who may be in the store at the time of emergency evacuation. 

In an evacuation, time is of the essence. Poor and incorrect evacuation diagrams can mean the difference between lives being saved and lives being lost.

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