Guildford Consulting can develop Emergency Management Plans that are relevant to a specific workplace.  These plans will include all disruptive incidents that are likely to occur for that particular workplace. Examples of disruptive incidents that may occur include, but are not limited to, explosions, multiple types of fire, flood, power failure, hazardous substance spills, bomb threat, robbery and equipment accidents.

As disruptive incidents are unique to a specific workplace, Guildford Consulting would first undertake a Disruptive Threats Analysis of the worksite.  Once this is done an Emergency Management Plan can be constructed to determine the workplace’s appropriate action for each type of disruptive event.  This plan will include action to be taken after a disruptive incident has occurred to restore order and give assistance to staff who may require it.

Guildford Consulting can provide a full Emergency Plan detailing how you, as a business will prevent harm to people, damage to the property and the environment, customised to the risk profile of your specific workplace.

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