WHS Training is an important part of employers successfully fulfilling their Duty of Care.  Guildford Consulting can assist a workplace to develop and implement an appropriate Workplace Health and Safety Training Program.  They can conduct a WHS Training Gap Analysis which involves looking at each worker’s specific job requirements and addressing the WHS training needs specific to that employee/group of employees.

Implementation of WHS Procedures of Policies is only possible through training the staff on how to read, understand and activate those policies and procedures.  The legal consequences of not addressing the WHS training needs of staff can lead to not only an increased number of accidents and incidents, but also fines for breaches of WHS legislative requirements and increased insurance premiums from Work Cover claims.

WHS Training

  1. Aged care Training and evac including extiguisher
  2. Warden Non accredited to companies own needs
  3. Warden Accredited if needed
  4. Chief Warden
  5. Fire Extinguisher
  6. WHS committee Training
  7. Due Dilligence.
  8. Fire and Safety awareness courses for companies own needs
  9. And much more

Training at all levels of the organisation ensures that each person in a workplace can be made more aware of their responsibilities and of their workplace’s WHS Policies and Procedures.

Guildford Consulting can recommend WHS Training Providers of standardised public courses.  However they can also design and develop training courses specific to the needs of the business and the particular procedural controls of the workplace or organisation.

Such courses are not public courses and are akin to in-house customised WHS Training which can be conducted as required.  Training can be occur at the workplace site or a training venue can be arranged.  All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

Examples of training that Guildford Consulting can provide are Confined Space Entry Awareness, Gas Detector Training, Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness, Personal Protective Equipment, Heat Stress and Working from Heights. This is just to name a few.

Phone Guildford Consulting today to discuss the specific WHS Training requirements for the staff of your workplace or organisation. Call: 0448033263