Workplace Inspections can assist businesses in the effective use of their equipment, facilities, materials, equipment and tools and how those on the work site use them.  This will vary depending on the nature of the workplace or organisation. For example, the Worksite Inspection of an Aged Care facility is going to be identifying and evaluating different risks and hazards, than those that would be identified and evaluated for a construction site.

There are many standard inspection checklists that can be used for particular workplaces However, Guildford Consulting’s point of difference is that they customise the checklist/s to the specific workplace or organisation.

Gap Analysis

With their Workplace Inspection services, Guildford Consulting come onsite and conduct a Gap Analysis, so that a report can be created which identifies WHS matters the business may not be compliant with.  These hazards can sometimes be missed in the workplace through familiarity, ignorance of particular risks or time constraints that have prevented attention be given to a particular hazard.

More times than not, it can often be just a number of small issues that needs addressing.  But if these small issues are not addressed, then the risk of accidents occurring increases and at the time of the emergency that is where the bigger challenges can arise.

Hazard Register

Once a Gap Analysis is completed, Guildford Consultant can create a customised Hazard Register.  This Register is a core safety document for the workplace, which identifies evaluates and tracks the hazards and risks within a business.

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